4x Weekend & 4x Day Ticket giveaway!

Giveaway! Aero wear will be at the SAP cup 2018 on December 8 & 9 in the NH Koningshof in Veldhoven, and we are giving away a total of 4x Weekender & 4x Day Tickets to our followers! We will be giving away the tickets in pairs so you can visit along with a friend/family member.

What you need to do:

To have a chance at winning is to go to Aero wear’s Facebook or Instagram page , find the giveaway post and follow the instructions below it.

The rules:

  • The giveaway starts on Thursday 29th of November 2018 when the giveaway post is posted on our social media channels
  • The giveaway will end on Monday December 3rd at 11:00 and the winners will be announced at 12:00 noon the same day.
  • The winners will be picked by draw.
  • All tickets will be given away in pairs, so there will be a total of 4 winners. 2 who will win 2x Weekender tickets and 2 who will win 2x Day tickets.

So what are you waiting for?! Go find our social media posts, and enjoy!