FIBO 2018 has come and gone!

The FIBO 2018 has been 4 days of excitement. It was the first time that Aero wear was on the FIBO and it was an amazing and unique experience! Seeing all the people at our booth experiencing our clothing, seeing familiar faces from our social media platforms, taking pictures with all of you and seeing you do our shoulder press challenge. We made a little compilation movie of the FIBO 2018 that we hope you will enjoy. You can find it below. See if you can maybe spot yourself in the video.

I want to thank everybody who showed up to support us. Our friends and followers,  the supportive and friendly neighbors from the other stands and off course my team (Gerben, Eline, Martijn, Amanda, Alwin end Miranda) for who I know it has been a few days of hard work, but also exciting times.

Shoulder press challenge results

For the curious ones among us. Below you can find the results of our FIBO shoulder press challenge. For those who were not there, the challenge was to do as many shoulder press repetitions as you possible can in 1 minute. With for the men weights of 16 kg each, and for the women weights of 8 kg each.
So without any further ado I give you the High scores:


Thursday/Friday: Christoph Scheel – 71 Reps
Saturday: Pawel Niebodyl – 73 Reps
Sunday: Gerrit Scheel – 64 Reps


Thursday/Friday: Nel Thiele – 51 Reps
Saturday: Claudia Offerman – 53 Reps
Sunday: Anna Scholz – 50 Reps

For those of you who already collected their prize at the end of each day we hope you are enjoying your Aero wear. For those who did not collect their prize, keep an eye out for our e-mail in your inbox or contact us directly.