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    Why is there no phone number?

    The Aero wear brand is build completely online, including our customer service. Besides the occasional auto-reply e-mail that you might receive, all of our communication channels are manned by ourselves to provide a quick, efficient and effective customer service.

    We do not have a call center and we are not equipped for processing large amounts of phone calls. That is why a phone call would be ineffective in finding a solution to your problem. It would probably only leave you more frustrated. More then often it requires us doing a bit of research to find the right answer to your question. We would rather provide you with a useful answer in one go than letting you wait on the phone and to have to perform additional back and forth communication while you probably could have used that time more productively.

    If we have the impression that your issue can be better resolved over the phone, then we will definitely contact you by phone from our side.