Michael van der Mei: CEO & owner Aero wear

It was during my study years that my passion for fitness came to fruition and I kept challenging myself further and further to develop myself mentally and physically. This physical development was accompanied by the fact that well-fitting good looking clothes became increasingly difficult to find. Therefore the idea to set up my own clothing brand came to me early on. But it would take a while before I would actually dare to take the step.

After graduating as a Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering, I looked for a job and I went to work. From the beginning I knew that I would never fit in in such a role. It is all too true, but I had to do something that would make me feel truly happy. When I was given the opportunity in the beginning of 2017 to leave my job by means of a severance agreement, I grasped the opportunity with both hands and fully committed myself to make my dreams a reality. I was going to set up my own clothing brand, Aero Wear. Aero is the basis of the name, coming from Aerospace. Because Aerospace Engineering is the unmatched pinnacle of engineering. Through this name I want to show my legacy and that I want to bring the same quality and expertise in every piece of clothing that I design for you.

Michael van der Mei
CEO & Owner of Aero wear