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The mythological bird known as the Phoenix is said to arise and be reborn from the ashes of its predecessor.
The Dark Phoenix sport hoodie will be there for you each time when you go to work-out and afterwards leave to go home reborn better and stronger then each time before. Keeping you warm till the next time you arise again, spreading your wings anew.

With its internal collar design the hoodie can be zipped up all the way over the neck without the requirement of putting on the hood. This zip up collar will keep wind from entering through the neck and keep you extra warm.

The soft touch baby terry fabric will make this hoodie feel like a second skin. It is soft, warm and provides the required stretch for a comfortable yet tapered and aesthetic fit.

  • High Quality Fabric: 95% Cotton and 5% Elastane
  • Fabric Properties: Super soft; Keeps warm; High stretch; Breathable
  • Design: Tailored fit; Aesthetic lines over the hoodie to accentuate the muscular physique; Front pockets; High closing collar
  • Logo: small in white on the front
  • The model in the picture is 1.84 meter and is wearing size L

A design made entirely by Aero wear. Assuring the level of Aerospace grade engineering in your clothing.

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