Results SAP Cup Giveaway

The results for the 4x Weekend & 4x Day Ticket Giveaway for the SAP Cup are in! Thank you to everybody who participated in the giveaway. It was amazing to see all of your enthusiasm, and all of your support was very much appreciated.

To all the winners we hope you will very much enjoy your Tickets. A few notes of additional information:

  • You will be contacted today (Monday December 3rd) through the social media platform that you applied with so we can get your details to send you your personal Tickets (you will receive 2 tickets).
  • Please reply within 3 days, otherwise we will have to give away your ticket to someone else, as we do not want to waste any of the tickets.

So without any further ado I present to you the winners of our SAP Cup Giveaway!

Weekend Tickets Winners

  1. brahimfit
  2. astridvanloon

Day Tickets Winners

  1. marissameulendijks
  2. patricksworkout