SAP cup 2017 contest: Terms & Conditions

1. The contest

Win a free article of your choice from our web shop. Complete the following sentence “I workout for…” on our Sap cup 2017 contest form (forms only available at the SAP cup 2017). This can be one word or a sentence with your motivation or your personal goals for why you train. Hand in the contest form at our stand on the SAP cup 2017 (9th and 10th of December 2017).

2. General

2.1 These terms and conditions (after this to be referred to as: “the Terms and Conditions”) are applicable to the by Aero wear B.V., based in Groningen, at Hanzeplein 60 in Groningen, organized promotion contests (after this to be referred as: “the Contest”) and can be consulted at

2.2 By participating with this Contest, the participants declare to be in agreement with the applicability of these Terms and Conditions.

2.3 Aero wear is entitled to change or amend these Terms and Conditions at its sole discretion without prior notice during the Contest period, or to change or adjust this Contest without giving any reason of the circumstances or reason why, without as a result that Aero wear is obligated to give compensation in any way towards the participants. Alteration or modification to the Terms and Conditions, striking of, modification or adaptation to the Contest will be announced by Aero Wear via the website These conditions will not be changed to the detriment of the participants during the Contest period.

2.4 If one or more provisions of these Terms and Conditions are made null and void, Aero Wear is entitled to determine one or more substitute provisions that approach as much as possible the nature and scope of the null and void or voided provision without being null and void or voidable itself.

2.5 Dutch law applies to these Terms and Conditions. Any disputes arising from the Terms and Conditions or the Contest must be discussed first with Aero wear to find a solution before submitting to the competent court in Groningen if a suitable solution cannot be agreed by with Aero wear.

2.6 Personal data submitted by participants will only be used for the completion of this Contest and will be deleted after the end of this Contest, unless the participant indicates that they wish to be kept informed of future Contests and promotions by means of checking the selection box on the Contest form for this.

3. Conditions

3.1 Participation in the Contest is open to all legitimate visitors to the 2017 SAP Cup in Veldhoven in the NH Koningshof events halls of 18 years and older that have a permanent home or residence in the Netherlands, Belgium or Germany where they are registered as residents.

3.2 Participation in this Contest is only possible during the Contest period (9 and 10 December 2017).

3.3 Participation is free of charge.

3.4 Participants are obliged to provide correct, current and complete information.

3.5 Aero wear is entitled to disqualify participants if it is of the opinion that participants do not comply with these Terms and Conditions, or if participants otherwise participated in this Contest fraudulently.

3.6 Employees of Aero wear are excluded from this Contest.

3.7 Only fully completed participation forms will be processed.

4. The prize

4.1 The prize to be won is 1x an article of your choice from our web shop. The articles from which you can choose are the selection of articles that are available via the web shop on the time of 9 and 10 December 2017. One single person will be selected from all participants who will be chosen as the winner of the prize.

5. Handing over of the prize

5.1 Only a participant who has participated in the Contest in the Contest period in accordance with the Contest Terms and Conditions and to whose participation the prize is connected, is entitled to the prize.

5.2 The selection of the winning participant is made known by means of a draw by an independent third party.

5.3 The winner of the Contest will be personally informed on the 12th of December 2017 via the e-mail address provided on the Contest form. The results about the winner of the Contest will also be announced via the Facebook page of Aero Wear, Participants who have not won the prize will not receive a personal message about this.

5.4 The prize is bound to the winning participant and not transferable. The prize can not be exchanged for money. In case of refusal or non (timely) acceptance of the prize or the conditions attached to the prize (within 7 days after the winner’s proclamation), the prize will be raffled again among the other participants.

5.5 Use of the by Aero wear provide prize is at the expense and risk of the winner. Aero wear can not be held liable on the grounds of these Terms and Conditions of this Contest for the winner’s use of the prize.

5.6 If a winner does not claim his / her prize before December 19, 2017, Aero Wear reserves the right to forfeit the award to this participant.

5.7 The prize can be provided in cooperation with suppliers. The winner of the prize gives Aero wear permission to share his or her name and any possible other personal data with our suppliers and other third parties to enable delivery of the prize to the winning participant.

6. Publicity

6.1 The winner of the prize gives Aero wear permission to use his or her name and possibly possible photos in promotional activities in connection with this Contest and will grant their other desired cooperation in any promotional activities of Aero Wear insofar as this is reasonably required of them. The winner who has given his or her cooperation to promotional activities of Aero Wear is not entitled to a financial compensation.